As far as I am concerned , I was born reading science books and playing with chemicals and electricity. I have melted wires created sparks and build electronic things most of my life.My earliest memories are of a tesla coil that would throw arks of electricity across a foot or two of space and lighting light bulbs while holding them in my hand with no wires going to them. The tesla coil is a simple electrical device first built in the early 1900's.
I have repaired home entertainment devices such as televisions for as far back as my memory goes , back when there were tubes and then ,transistors came into popularity followed by intergrated circuits and I learned them all to some degree.
   I went to R.E.T.S. electronic school in detroit for a year and went through a mail order class on home entertainment devices and built my own 25 inch color T.V. as color was just coming out. I went to Mid Michigan Community College in Harrison Michigan studying Physics and electronics and I did build a mock radio station that broadcast throughout the campus which allowed the school to teach broadcasting. this Radio station was hardwired to several points around the campus and was not attached to an antenna although it could have been easily enough if there were not licensing issues.
     By the time I was 20 I was well established in the world of computer operations at a time that the computers were in air conditioned rooms and the size of a bus.
Those machines had as much computing capacity as the telephone computer combo's of today such as the blackberry.
        I have had my own T.V. shop for a period of time and have worked in at least 4 other shops.
         Currently I read books on geology, chemistry, Big Bang cosmology , physics , math, general science and minerology. my hobbies include collecting rocks ,building computers,woodwork and travel.
          I have made a commitment to myself to read all the science and math books in our library system in Saint Clair county Michigan. there are 9 branch libraries and the main library in Port Huron Michigan. so far I have read every science and math book in our local library and am working on another branch library now.
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