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ON Global warming
Global warming has been around for a long time.
      At one point this planet was covered with Ice and was called " snowball earth" , we can all thank God that the weight of all that ice caused the earth to crack and enough volcanoes put carbon in the atmosphere to cause global warming and the frozen earth thawed so we might exist .
At the end of the permian era there was a volcano in siberia that lasted for a very long time and caused global warming and it wiped out 95% of all life on earth it was called the permian extinction.
     Ice traped air bubbles as it formed and now samples of ice have revealed that when there is too much carbon in the atmosphere there is global warming AND when there is not enough carbon in the atmosphere we had global cooling.
         The fact is that this planet is in a very delicate state of balance and to say that we have not altered that balance is to deny reality. Of course all of us have added a bit of carbon into the atmosphere.
      I believe that there can be clean coal with no ash left over simply by injecting any organic material into a hot fire at high speed , in a finely powderd form , any non organic material can be filtered and recovered. This can be done ,it is a matter of the will to spend the money to convert the existing plants.
     Nuclear energy can be safe if the fuel is coated in ceramic, this was done 30 years ago, a reactor using that fuel was allowed to lose water and instead of melting it actually cooled down but it did not make enough money so the idea was not used and had it been used there would not have been 3 mile island , Chernobal , or Fukashima. It is being looked at now.
Bill Gates is developing a reactor that will use nuclear waste as its fuel, it will consume it all and will have no waste left over.
   There is a major problem when it comes to air flight, 19000 flights per day over continental U.S. alone, that is a couple of trillion gallons per year just here.