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On birth control
Birth control is a sensitive area. I am a man and will never be in a situation of having an unwanted child and I have mixed feelings about what is right.
Many say that life begins at conception and I am not comfortable with that statement since I can not and neither can anyone else say when "LIFE" begins, no one can say WHAT life is leave alone, when it begins.
I have heard that any birth control method is against "GOD'S" will , HOW do they know what God's will is ?? they just want to seem important.

as of 2014 there are over 7 billion people on the planet. In the mid 1970's I had learned that the population doubles every 30 years. I also learned that the earth can sustain the life of 14 billion persons with roughly 1800 calories per day per person.
It took 40 years for the population to go from over 3 billion to the 7 billion that we have today.
Our planet is reaching a point of maximum population and I can see where God may have been behind the creation of birth control. Of course God can take control over every sex act and stop that sperm from swimming after all God is God but having said that , throughout history God has had people do His work and I believe that it is possible that God's will could be birth control
God gave us the responsibility of watching over His planet , we have not taught our children that there are limits to this planet and that having babies may be cute but should be limited.
Between Peggy and I there are 9 children and 22 Grand children, we are responsible for our ignorance.
I have heard some say that God will control the population by causing disasters like the plague, what God would do that when it is much easier to tell us to stop having so many babies.